Johanna Courtleigh, MA, LPC, LMFT (CA)

The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are
Joseph Campbell

15110 SW Boones Ferry Road
Suite 248
Work: 503-684-8481
Lake Oswego, Oregon   97305
Voice Mail: 503-684-8481
Disabled Accessible: Yes E-Mail:


Near intersection of Kruse Way and Boones Ferry Road, just off I-5 in Lakewoord


Master of Arts

Counseling Psychology
Bachelor of Arts Psychology and English


Licensed Professional Counselor (OR)
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA)
Training & Certifications: Advanced Psych-K Training
Certified Hypnotherapist
Regression Training with Dr. Brian Weiss
EMDR Practitioner
"The Work" of Byron Katie
Gestalt Therapy
Drama Therapy
Long-term Meditation Practice
Availability: Routine:  I am usually able to schedule clients within 48 hours of initial telephone contact. I prefer to see on-going clients on a weekly basis.
Urgent:  I do my best to schedule new clients as quickly as possible, and at least within 48 hours of initial phone contact.
Crisis:  I have experience in crisis intervention, and do my best to see first-time clients or clients in crisis within 24 hours when I am able.
Emergency:  I do my best to contact new and prospective clients within one or two hours, and to schedule an appointment within 12 hours of our initial phone contact. Otherwise, I will refer them immediately to the appropriate crisis intervention resource in the area. As well, I have an emergency phone number on my answering system.
Affiliations: American Mental Health Alliance
Northwest Therapy Project
Fees: Much of my fee scale is determined by my contracts with insurance plans.
My usual and customary fee is $110 per session for individuals and $125 per session for couples.  I have some lower fee, sliding scale slots available for those who are uninsured and unable to pay full fee.


Communication and Relationships Assertiveness Skills
Addiction/Recovery/Codependency Grief./Loss/Transition

Focus of Practice & Interests

Assertiveness and Communication Skills Separation and Divorce
Addiction/Recovery/Codependency Eating Disorders
Relationship Challenges Self-Esteem
Conflict Resolution Hypnotherapy and EMDR

Spiritual Issues, including Spiritual Abuse

General Life Confusion

Background & Experience

Private Practice since 1991 Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Counselor
 Crisis Line/Counseling Center Coordinator and Counselor Counseling with Victims and Perpetrators of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Anger Management Trainer Hospice, AIDS/HIV and Cancer Programs
Director of Child Abuse Prevention Program Facilitator of Community Education Classes:  Creating Inner Peace, Changing Your Body From The Inside Out, Communication for Couples, Assertiveness Training, Meditation, and "Happily Ever After"-surviving and thriving beyond the break-up.

Patient & Client Populations Served

Adults Multi-racial
Multi-cultural Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual

All spiritual orientations


Orientation & Approach

Most of us grew up learning who we were was somehow not okay.  To adapt and survive we adopted a ‘false self’ to minimize the pain we were in, and win the approval of our peers and caregivers.  Most often we were raised by people whose self-esteem had also not been properly nurtured, so we didn’t have the modeling and support we needed to flourish and thrive.  

Using a wide variety of tools, I help you release old, outmoded habits of thought, feeling and behavior, acquire new skills, and move into deeper self-love, awareness, empowerment, ease and integrity—internally, and in your relationships with others.  This allows for an increased capacity to make more effective, self-honoring choices, which in turn helps create a more authentic, fulfilling, joyful  life.

Personal Comments

Each of us is given a unique package when we’re born—assigned a body, a family, a place on the planet.  Quirks, talents, deficits, leanings.  It is up to each of us to do our best to fulfill what we’ve been given. And to enjoy the ride with as much intelligence, creativity, awareness and reverence as possible.

 I believe that you are the person you’ve been put here to love, honor and cherish.  And that from that, all else follows.  In my therapeutic work, I help you cultivate a richer, more respectful relationship with yourself.  Hold up as clear a mirror as possible.  And help you recognize the misperceptions you’ve come to believe, so that you can begin to know, embody and fulfill the truth, beauty and preciousness of who you really are.

I have been in the helping professions for over twenty-five years, and a licensed therapist in private practice since 1991.  In that time I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people change their lives and become happier, healthier and more successful in all ways. I have great faith in our capacity to heal and grow, and in our profound potential for joy, creativity and love.

 As witness and guide, I help you transcend the limitations of your habitual patterns, and support your movement toward greater authenticity, self-honoring and fulfillment.