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  The American Mental Health Alliance - Oregon
     Last Revised: May 21, 2014

Basic Principles

The American Mental Health Alliance-Oregon is established to promote these values:

  • The individual has the right to choose his or her own therapist;
  • The client and therapist shall determine the course of therapy;
  • The therapist shall preserve client confidentiality;
  • Reimbursement methods should support ethical practice;
  • Mental health professionals should practice in an interdisciplinary community which promotes competent and ethical practice.


The American Mental Health Alliance - USA (AMHA-USA)

AMHA-USA is a growing national alliance of mental health professionals who are actively involved in supporting consumer rights and are committed to providing competent, confidential and accountable mental health care and services.  AMHA-USA is very concerned about a growing practice of businesses that are downsizing mental health services, eliminating competition and corrupting the practice of counseling, psychotherapy and evaluation.   At the heart of these concerns is the growing intrusion of managed health care into the confidential relationship between you and your health care professional.  AMHA-USA consists of a growing number of non-profit state chapter organizations.  Each Chapter consists of  licensed mental health professionals who are accountable to the public and laws within their State.  

For more information on the national organization go to the American Mental Health Alliance -USA home page.

Articles & Presentations About AMHA-USA

The American Mental Health Alliance - Oregon (AMHA-OR)

AMHA-OR is a member chapter of AMHA-USA.  AMHA-OR is nonprofit organization of licensed mental health practitioners who offer ethical and professional services.  AMHA-OR intends to:

  • build awareness and provide public education concerning health problems, human services, competent clinical care, and the necessity of confidentiality and integrity in mental health care;
  • create contractual relationships with employee and other groups for the provision of mental health and substance abuse treatment services;
  • create such contracts between this self-managing Alliance and groups of clients without the participation of costly and intrusive outside businesses whose interests may conflict with the ethical and professional responsibilities of our various mental health disciplines;
  • support the Patient Bill of Rights developed and adopted by the major mental health professional organizations in the country. 

The Oregon Psychotherapists Guild

The Oregon Psychotherapists Guild consists of AMHA-OR members who offer mental health, counseling, psychotherapy and evaluation services.  The Guild supports health awareness building activities and supports public information, resources, referral, consumer protection and research that benefits the consumer.  The Guild will also assist people seeking services to locate a professional who can best serve their needs. 

20% No Paperwork Discount

Members of the Oregon Psychotherapists Guild offer a 20% "No Paperwork" discount.  The 20% No Paperwork Discount applies when the following three conditions are met. 

  1. the client uses a therapist or counselor who is member of the Guild, and
  2. the client pays at the time services are rendered, and
  3. there is no requirement for billing statements suitable for insurance billing or other related paperwork.

If the client requires any paperwork, other than receipts for payments, the counselor or therapist may charge for the paperwork or may discontinue the discount.

For More Information

For information about joining the AMHA-OR guild contact:

Elise Campbell
Phone: (503) 222-0332 

E-Mail:  Info@OregonCounseling.Org

If you are already a professional member of AMHA-OR and wish to join the AMHA contact Elise Campbell (above) for a hard copy of the application form.